The Russian Dog Trainer Will Make Life With Your Dog Exciting And NOT Miserable.

If the dog and human's behavior is not significantly changed within 7 days, the Russian Dog Trainer will send a large bottle of Vodka for free.

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The Story of the Famous Russian Dog Trainer

Svetlana Matiunina, the Russian Dog Trainer, was born in a small Russian village in a land called Samara.  As a child the first word she ever spoke was the sound of a dog's bark.  The story has it that she was able to communicate with animals before ever speaking with humans.

At age 16, she embarked on her quest to America to train dogs all across the country using her special "Russian Dog Training" techniques where she is able to radically change a dog and owner's behavior in 7 days.

Has the ability to read any dog's mind in both English and Russian
Trains both dogs and humans -- no matter how big or hairy!
Life-long lover of all animals
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What Dog Owners Are Saying About The Russian Dog Trainer

Dogs And Their Owners All Across The World Give The Russian Dog Trainer Two Paws Up For Her Extraordinary Work

"The Russian Dog Trainer is a miracle worker."

My dog Spooky was very untrained. Always eating poor gophers out of the ground, jumping on guests, and barking at the mailman -- or anyone who walked by the house. The Russian Dog Trainer fixed all of the problems in one day.

Spooky's Owner

"He's finally becoming the dog we wanted him to be."

Moose was not able to be around other dogs without barking at them. In my lessons with Moose, I socialized him with my dog flea.

Moose’s Owner

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