The Story Of
The Russian Dog Trainer

Hi, my name is Sveta.

I come from the land of Mother Russia.

It all started when I got my first dog and training became my lifestyle. I would train my dog every day. Then I started helping out my friends and neighbors... Now I'm ready to help you.

My method is rewarding for good behavior and correcting for bad.

What is the correction?  It can be verbal or for example - a little leash pressure. I do not believe in hitting the dog for correction (please never do that).

Raising a good behaved dog without showing it what's good and what's bad would be very difficult. You don't want to just ignore the bad behavior - because then it would never go away.

For example, if you see your kid throwing rocks at people - would you stop it and tell the kid that's inappropriate or just ignore it?  (Correction can only take place in a moment. If you see that your dog chewed on your favorite pair of shoes 5 minutes ago, sorry you can't really do anything now.)

I see dogs for who they are: dogs.

It's sad to me to see that in America almost everyone is humanizing their dogs. I love dogs for a "dog being a dog." That is the beauty of it.

Dogs don't have the same feelings as us humans do. Dogs have their own needs. Some people are ignoring the needs of their dogs because they have replaced those needs with human needs. And by doing that, it makes the life of the dog miserable.

Training your dog is essential. It doesn't matter if your dog is big or small. Training makes your dogs life easier and safer. Not just dogs - but yours and your loved ones.

Train your dog now and I'll help you with it.

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