Correcting Bad Behavior In Dogs


Correcting Bad Behavior In Dogs

Now-a-days the “positive reinforcement dog training” is probably the most popular type of dog training.

What is that?

You are reinforcing good behavior… and well, doing nothing about the bad…

A few years ago I hired a positive reinforcement trainer just trying to understand the logic behind it.

I asked her so what do I do when my dog does something bad?

“Just ignore it” she said...

I was like okay… it didn’t really sit right with me.

If you are ignoring the bad behavior - it’s obviously never going to stop.

What is correction?

Correction may be verbal saying “NO!” loudly making clear that this behavior is inappropriate.

It may be a leash pressure if you’re using training tools such as “slip collar’, “prong collar” and etc.

But you have to remember that “correction” can only take place in the moment.

If you came back from work and found that your “Gucci” bag was destroyed…

Well sorry there’s nothing you can do about that.

And this is only your fault for not putting the bag away.

For lots of people correcting a dog is a taboo… Why?

I can’t tell… Maybe it’s the same type of people that can never say “no” to their kids.

Dogs need to have boundaries. It makes everyone’s life much easier.

When the dog understands what is good and what is bad - their life is going to be less anxious.

Correcting - is not a bad thing.

Even the dog mom would correct her puppies when they are doing something bad…

So why are we not doing that?