Does My Dog Behave Bad On Purpose To Upset Me?


Does My Dog Behave Bad On Purpose To Upset Me?

No, that is not the case…

Here are some explanations:

The Dog Has Never Been Taught What Is Good And What Is Bad.

Your dog may misbehave simply because they have never been taught what is good and what is bad.

What they can and can’t do.

Then your dog’s life becomes miserable because the dog simply does not understand why YOU are becoming upset or angry.

You should be clear and consistent with your rules at home — and by setting boundaries for the dog.

Dogs are not born with knowing that it’s bad to chew on your favorite shoes/eat trash/pee inside and etc..

That is our job to teach them!

The Lack Of Mental And Physical Exercises.

If your dog is bored and has lots of energy - they will probably find a way to release the energy at home.

And your job is to make sure your dog gets enough of exercise outside.

A 15 minute walk a couple times a day simply is not enough for most of the dog breeds.

Working breed dogs need around 2 hours exercises a day.

Which includes - running, jumping, training, walking, games and etc…

You May Reinforce Bad Behavior Or Simply Ignore It.

From day one after you bring a new puppy/dog into your life you should set boundaries.

If your dog is barking at people on walks, pulls on the leash, jumps on people and you are just ignoring it... or worse encourage it - then don’t be surprised when your dog continues doing it.

Health Or Mental Problems

Your job is to make sure your dog is healthy and mentally happy.

If your dog is peeing inside - it may lead to some health issues.

If your dog is destroying things when you are gone - they may have separation anxiety.

And you need to work on that yourself or with a professional dog behaviorist.